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Well-known local stylist and Owner of HairStyleByMy & CrownMYHair, Myisha Salters-Everett’s impressive skills in styling, cutting, coloring, braiding, weaving and natural hair makes her one of the top stylists in the DMV.


Born and raised in Washington, D.C, Myisha found her love for hair while working in a salon as a hairstylist assistant. She started off assisting with shampoos in between clients, as well as, applying hair color. It wasn’t too much longer before she had scissors in her hand.


As the tender age of 12, Myisha discovered her passion for hair when she was made responsible for her brothers and sister’s hair growing up. Her mother always encouraged her to become a hair stylist.  She then continued braiding hair for her siblings and other family members and friends.

After graduating high school, Myisha went on to work as an assistant at a local salon where she continued pursuing her passion for styling hair. She even started locs for her bestfriends. After shadowing her mentor, she learned about the business side of being a successful hairstylist and what it takes to run a business. While working under the owner of the shop, Myisha’s work consisted of booking and confirming appointments and collecting rent from the tenants. Once she realized that she needed to attend school to further her education, she then inquired about AVEDA INSTITUTE OF WASHINGTON D.C. Not knowing exactly what was next, she remained driven and focused and went on a tour at the educational institution.

Myisha quickly found that she loved the feel and the smell of the school (Everyone knows Aveda for their smell!). Unfortunately, Myisha grew slightly discouraged and decided to go forward with her plan b working in childcare.

About a year later, Myisha realized she was missing something, her passion and her love. She went back to Aveda in 2014 for a tour and knew that it was her time.  Her starting day was AUGUST 28, 2014 and as she prepared to finally start the journey towards her dream career as a successful hair stylist!  She remained focused as working in childcare, attending school, and doing hair was a lot on her plate. However, she did not let that hold her back.

In January 2015, Myisha resigned from her position working in child care and decided to step out on faith.  She continued doing hair in the evenings and attended school during the day. This was the life that she knew was meant for her!

On September 12th, 2015, Myisha graduated from Aveda, in which she would say was her “happiest day ever!” Proceeding graduation, she continued to build her clientele and even used her own money to build a salon inside of her home in Upper Marlboro, MD.

On May 1st, 2016 Myisha established her own hair collection named CrownMyHairCollection!


Additionally, Myisha hosts and partners on photoshoots and even posts tutorials on her YouTube Channel: HairStyleByMy.

“I love doing hair because I love helping other women feel beautiful. It makes me feel like I’ve done a great thing when my clients tell me how pleased they are with my service and their new look”, Myisha Everett

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